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*“I'm a baby boomer, and I'm 60 years old. What is becoming more and more important to me is quality of life. I had been suffering with cluster headaches for over 15 years. I tried virtually all treatments to resolve this very debilitating problem with...”

*“I began visiting Dr. Slovin in October after a friend suggesting I get some help. I had several problems: daily headaches, a heel spur, and a numbing sensation in my thigh, just to name a few. I am a teacher. I need to be on my feet all day and be in nteractive with my students. These problems were hindering my ability to go about my normal everyday activities, and made my job very difficult to do. I've been down every avenue - foot doctor, medical doctor etc...I decided to give chiropractic a try. I had never been before and figured I had nothing to lose. Well, it's now January, and drum roll please......I FEEL GREAT! Let me begin with my initial visit. It felt so good to be around wonderful people that just wanted to help me. From the day I called in and spoke to Luz, who is warm, kind and helpful, I thought to myself, this might be the thing. Then I met Dr. Slovin who was also warm, kind and ready to help me be rid of all of my terrible ailments. We worked slowly, answering all my questions along the way. I really was made to feel comfortable right from the start! It was easy to establish a wonderful doctor-patient relationship. And then it began, for the first time in a VERY long while, I was finally stripped of my pain. I had come to the office that day with a terrible headache, and within seconds after my first adjustment, it was instantly better. As the weeks passed, Dr. Slovin continued seeing me and treating me for my other aches and woes. Headaches - GONE, heel spur pain - GONE, numbness in the thigh - ALMOST GONE. Each and every visit was wonderful. I had never felt better . Things that I thought I would have to deal with for the rest of my life such as: colds and PMS symptoms were now almost non-existent. All I have to say is "Thank You" for helping me feel so much better. I haven’t taken an aspirin for a headache and months, and I haven’t needed to go to my podiatrist in ages (I ’m sure he is really happy about this). Dr. Brenda, Dr. Erik, Luz and every other member of the Slovin Family Chiropractic Team is wonderful. They will stop at nothing to give you your life back? They did it for me!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Ros”

*“Dr. Slovin, I am 80 years old and I have gone to different chiropractors who have helped me to a point. I have had a bad back due to a fall years ago. It finally got bad enough, and before the pain got any worse, I decided to go see Dr. Slovin. I mus... ”

*“March 17th 2004. Our first meeting with Dr. Slovin which we call "The day that faith happened" - Amidst a snow blizzard, 6:00pm at night. As I leaned backwards to pick up my computer bag in the back seat of my car at my office in Stamford, something crunched, than pulled, an hour later, the pain. Having never had a back injury, waited it out for the afternoon while leaning on bags of ice my co-workers provided to me and trying not to throw up from the pain. As the pain worsened I called my husband and began my journey home to meet him there. With tears and fright, he called Dr. Slovin's office to tell Luz what had happened. They told us to go right in. When we arrived we experienced first hand: Friendly faces, patience. A consultation to truly understand what transpired since the morning. X-rays, diagnosis (herniated L4/L5 discs), my first adjustment - a treatment plan that understood the cause of my injury in order to slowly eliminate it versus simply treating the symptoms I had. Scary, anxious, hopeful. Sent on our way with gel filled ice bags after about 2 hours past the office closing none the less! feeling better than I had before barely walking through their door. After daily adjustments which were more soothing than anything knowing each one would get me closer to healing, I was on my way to California for business two weeks later carrying in tow my gel filled ice packs to get me through the 6 hour flight. With such an injury one would never think I'd be in any shape to do this kind of travel but Dr. Slovin's first class care got me there. Dr. Slovin contacted a peer of theirs in C.A. for me to see while I was there to keep up with my treatment -It wasn't necessary to take this extra step but that's what they did because that's what they do - consistently. Five months later, keeping up with my appointments which went from daily to weekly to monthly once I began to heal, I was on my way to being back to myself again. Its been almost a year now and every time I drive by Slovin Family Chiropractic on my way home I smile and think to myself that being the skeptic I am, Dr. Slovin has giving me hope - hope to have faith in the unknown... we did and just got back from a wonderful ski/snowmobile trip in Vermont. My back is back! Thank You, C.O”

*“I had never been to a chiropractor before, but pain in my neck from lifting my 9-month-old brought me into the office. In three sessions, I went from taking 12 Motrin a day to none! The pain is gone! Rachel D. "Since Seeing Dr. Slovin, For Roughly On nly Two and a Half Months, I Have Not Had One Migraine and Have Regained My Menstrual Period!" Prior to stepping into Dr. Slovin’s office, I admit that I was skeptical of chiropractic care. I had suffered from extreme migraines for several years & hadn’t had a menstrual period in almost two years. My migraines usually required a cocktail of drugs including injections & forced me to miss at least 1 day of work at every occurrence. The symptoms that occurred with my migraines were almost as bad as the pain. My vision was blurred, my speech slurred, they were totally incapacitating. I had been to see three neurologists in three different states who told me the same thing- we can’t do any more for you. Similarly, the absence of my period for almost two years did not seem to alarm any of the gynecologists I saw. Without an active eating disorder, or a family history, and considering I was on birth control, none of the gynecologists seemed to think that it was a problem that I didn’t get a period. "If it doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t bother me," was a direct quote from one doctor. Since seeing Dr. Slovin, for roughly only two and half months, I have not had one migraine and have regained my menstrual period. Headaches that normally would have escalated into a migraine have just dissipated with some ibuprofen. Although the verdict is still out on whether I am happy to have my period back, at least I know now that I am able to have children and my body is capable of producing an actual menstrual cycle. My life has most certainly changed! The care I received from the first day I came to the office is far superior to any I have received anywhere else. The knowledge, care, and true desire to make people well, sets them apart from the rest!”
Megan L.

*“Dr. Slovin, When I first walked into your office it was with the intent of making a donation to the local women’s crisis center. In the process of talking casually you found out my history of 9 auto accidents and several concussions over the years. T The blinding migraines and deep muscular pain in my neck, shoulders and back had been with me for so long that I was resigned to having to feel this way for the rest of my life. I had no intention of becoming a patient of yours. I had already run the mill of other chiropractors with little relief or even more painful results. You sympathized with me and said, "Just give me a chance to help you feel better". Because I found you to be such a warm, engaging and empathetic person, I conceded. It is now a year later and where are those daily migraines? GONE! Oh, I may get an occasional headache, but no more does my world revolve around my head. My neck, shoulder and back pain have been considerably reduced, something else that I never thought could change. Now we are working on strengthening my immune system and you’re helping my daughter with her physical discomfort. I am immensely thankful to have met you and taken that "one more chance" with a doctor that can spot right away, just from my posture, where the pain is that day. And it’s more than that. You are such an upbeat, happy person that being around you for a few minutes brightens my day...each and every time. I hope anyone who has ever been disappointed or disillusioned by a chiropractor finds their way into your office. Then they will have a true chance of feeling stronger again.”
Lynne Y

*“When I walked into Slovin Family Chiropractic Center, it was with dwindling hope and honestly, a bit of skepticism. In the previous 2 years, I had seen an orthopedist, a rheumatologist, infectious disease specialist and even a neurologist. I had unde ergone a myriad of tests including x-rays, bone and blood scans, electromagnetic nerve conduction tests and an MRI. All test results were negative, and these specialists were unable to find the cause of the severe pain I was experiencing in my neck and the numbness in my legs. I was told, among other things, to see a psychologist! One specialist incorrectly diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Plain killers, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers and anti-depressants had all been prescribed. Yet, I still could not sleep or go about everyday living. I could barely support the weight of my own head! When I mentioned seeking chiropractic care, every single doctor discouraged me from doing so. During the course of these events, Dr. Slovin had visited my home while canvassing the neighborhood to ascertain the need for a chiropractic center in Norwalk. Unfortunately, I was not at home. My husband told him of my suffering. He left his card, and urged me to contact him once their door was open. Against my medical doctor's advice, I decided to make an appointment. This was my last resort. When Dr. Slovin greeted me, my fears were immediately calmed by her warm and engaging manner. She listened with great intent to my long medical history, and was genuinely excited at the prospect of helping me. She conducted a full examination, then suggested an x-ray. When the x-rays were developed, she was beaming! She explained in great depth the nature of my problem and assured me that I would benefit from chiropractic care. She took a generous amount of time explaining the cause of the severe neck pain and leg numbness and made sure I understood how the methods she and Dr. Erik employ would relive the pains and eventually correct the problem. It was going to be a long process. I would need to visit the center several times weekly for an undetermined amount of time. With renewed hope, I placed myself in Dr. Slovin’s skilled hands. That was 15 months ago. Today, I am once again able to play whiffle ball with my son in the backyard. I am able to drive 3 hours (by myself!) to visit my daughter at college in New Hampshire. (Before this, I could not sit comfortably in a car for more than 5 minutes!). I hold my head up high as I walk my three dogs and much to my daughter`s delight, I carry my own shopping bags at the mall! I greet my husband at the door with a smile and take pleasure with renewed energy in the simple joys of everyday living. Dr. Slovin gave me my life back. Yet, when I tell her so, she always replies with that twinkle in her eyes, "No, we did it together!". I am so grateful for having Dr. Brenda and Dr. Erik in my life. I visit the center on a bimonthly basis now, and I always look forward to my appointment. With professionalism, skill and love, Dr. Brenda has restored my health and rought my body, once again in `harmony` with my mind and spirit. With Deepest Gratitude and Love, ”
Karen B

*“I guess it shouldn’t be hard to believe that after seeing both Dr. Brenda and Dr. Erik for the last four weeks I’m back to 100%. After all with 8 years of schooling and years of experience they both know their way up and down the spine. My back pain is completely gone and no more pinched nerves. What impresses me most is this office’s dedication to education and prevention not just dealing with symptoms. Their professionalism has already made me send two new clients.”
Evan L.

*“About 4 years ago, I began experiencing shoulder, neck and lower back pain. I blamed it on stress. The pain would come and go. Most of the time, I would take Motrin and it would help for a little while. In the last 2 years, I've developed pain, tingl ling and numbness in my hands in addition to the already existing shoulder, neck and low back discomfort. I thought it may be a pinched nerve, and thought about making an appointment with my medical doctor. Instead, I decided to go to a chiropractor who was referred to me by a friend. After a handful of visits, I didn't feel any difference. I was just about ready to call a neurologist when I remembered meeting Dr. Slovin. He walked up to my door and introduced himself about two years ago. My usual reaction was to say that I wasn't interested. But instead, I listened to him. He was very sincere and informed me that he and his wife were opening a Chiropractic practice in Norwalk. After I told him about my aches and pains, allergies and asthma, he insisted that I make an appointment. Since my first Chiropractic experience didn't work out for me, I didn't pay attention to his advice. But after another night of terrible pain, I decided to make an appointment. When I met Dr. Slovin I was very pleased that she was so sincere. She listened to every word and explained to me how she was going to help me start living without pain. She asked me a ton of questions and we went through numerous neurological and orthopedic tests. She asked if I had suffered any injuries. I had almost forgotten! Many years ago I had fallen down a flight of stairs and had also suffered through 2 car accidents both of which caused me whiplash. Even though these accidents happened years ago, I never thought that the pain I was experiencing now could be caused from something that happened so long ago. I couldn't wait to begin. I put my faith in her. After just a few visits, I felt a tremendous difference. It's now been about 4 months since I started care. The pains that were in my shoulder and low back are now gone! My neck pain and numb hands are 95% back to normal! Not only has almost all of the discomfort stopped, Dr. Slovin has helped me with my allergies and asthma. If I'm congested, wheezing or my ears are clogged, she can adjust me and I can get immediate long lasting relief! I am so glad I made the decision to see Dr. Slovin And I'm very grateful that Dr. Erik knocked on my door that fateful day. This is truly a success story. My heartfelt thanks goes out to both Drs. Slovin. They have proved to me that NO ONE has to live with pain.”
Nancy G

*“A few years ago, Drs. Slovin knocked on my door to explain, that they were going to open a Chiropractic Practice in Norwalk. They inquired if I ever went to a chiropractor before and I answered no, but my wife had. I didn't tell Dr. Slovin this, but I always suspected that all Chiropractors couldn't help patients in real pain. In mid November 2003, I began to experience severe pain in the heel of my right foot. I went to my family doctor sometime after Thanksgiving and he diagnosed the pain as the onset of tendonitis and prescribed Celebrex. The pain continued and got worse in the subsequent months to the point and I was limping quite noticeably. I was seriously considering using my wife's cane to walk. Finally in April 2004, I made an appointment with Dr. Slovin, to ask if chiropractic could help ease the pain in my heel. After an extensive evaluation and with the aid of n x-ray of my spine, Dr. Slovin told me the pain was not tendonitis but plantar fascitis. I was also told that my spine was in a very bad degenerative state, and that if I have not received treatment when I did, sometime in the not too distant future I would have severe pain that there may be no relief from. Within six weeks of care, the range of motion in my neck and legs improved dramatically! I have almost completely forgotten about the pain in my heel! It has disappeared about 99%, with only an occasional slight residual ache which doesn't bother my daily movement. I am grateful to Dr. Slovin for the helping me to be pain free. I can finally enjoy walking again..”

*“I first came to you on Sept 15th in agony 5 days after a disappointing visit to an Orthopedic MD. He examined my ankle, which I injured during a 10 mile training run, gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and asked me to come back in a mont th. I was perplexed and still in pain. How were these pills going to correct my problem, originally diagnosed as posterior tibial tendonitis? They weren't. I heard about you from my massage therapist who, like myself, was a skeptic about chiropractic. Until she met you. I had nothing to lose so I made the appointment and hobbled in. You informed me that you were one of only 50 Chiropractic Physicians in the country trained to treat my severely sprained ankle by carefully reducing the swelling surrounding tendons on the inside of my left ankle . My god, did it hurt! However, you have the BEST bedside manner the confidence that this process was going work for me. You really wanted to see me do the '04 NYC Marathon, which I had been training for until the injury. Well, I decided to take some time off from running to get myself moved in to my new home and to complete a big project at work so I pulled myself out of the '04 marathon and rested. I also continued to see you once per week to sort out some spinal issues that I had learned to live with. I am usually a 9:15 pace runner and, after almost 3 months off, signed up for and ran a 4.4 mile Turkey Trot in my home town, where I was visiting for the holiday. I literally forgot about my ankle in the excitement of the morning and can't tell you how shocked I was to see my time - 36:43 - as I ran across the finish lin e. An 8:27 pace!!!! I have recalculated a dozen times because I can't believe that my pace has improved by :45 without running!!! I will keep you posted on my progress, as I am now back on the road with my sights set on the '05 NYC (in under 4 hours?). Many, Many Thanks!”
Patti T

*“" I make my living as an artist and was all of a sudden experiencing numbness in my left ar and my neck constantly felt like it was on fire. It was becoming torture to work, instead of a joy. I was living from ice pack to ice pack. When Dr. Slovin wa alked into the consultation room on my first visit, I had to turn to look at her by rotating my entire torso. After just a few visits the numbness in my arm was gone, the fire in my neck was under control, and I could actually move my head from side to side. Dr. Slovin not only gave me the help I needed, but also explained what was going on with my body, why it was malfunctioning and what needed to be done to fix it. I found that incredibly refreshing. I can't imagine there being any better chiropractic care available than that given by the Drs. Slovin. Dr. Slovin's care made me realize that getting older didn't have to mean falling apart at the seams. I feel great. Thank you Dr. Slovin!”
Robert W

*“Dr. Slovin, I want to thank you for the past few months and the excellent care you have provided me. You have made something as easy as standing at the sink doing dishes a less painful task. Your overall knowledge of medicine has been extremely helpful beyond the regular adjustments. When there is something wrong with my body, I now automatically equate it to a certain nerve. Just a different way to think about the human body. Thanks.”
Nicole D.

*“My lower back used to be a constant source of pain, despite numerous treatments with other chiropractors. Dr. Slovin has made a noticeable improvement and now my mobility is enhanced, and my pain is gone. Thanks! ”
Adam B.

*“I went to Dr. Slovin with upper and lower back pain. After taking x-rays, he showed me that my spine had shifted. I started Seeing him three times weekly to correct my spine. My back was feeling better within a few visits. Now after seven months, I go to see him once a month. I can now lift and do without pain, even my golf game improved! I highly recommend that if you have any problems, that you should see Drs. Brenda and Erik immediately! Thank You.”

*“My child has had ear infections since she was born. My husband and I were thinking about tubes. I was seeing Dr. Slovin for my back and asked him if he could help my daughter. After her first adjustment, the fever she had for over 2 weeks disappeared within 1 day. After about 4 visits, when I brought her back to the pediatrician, he couldn’t believe it, the ear infections had completely disappeared. Now she sees Dr. Slovin one time per month and hasn’t had an ear infection or fever in over 3 months.”
Kate S.

*“Migraines ruined my life for years. I didn’t go out, I didn’t socialize well, I almost lost my job because of the amount of sick days I took! Even with my medication, they were unbearable. Until I met Dr. Slovin... Now I can do anything! It’s been 2 months since I started care, and haven’t had a migraine since! Thank You Thank You Thank You!”
Amanda B.

*“My 3 year old fell down a flight of stairs. After I kissed the "boo-boo" away, I noticed the next day he was limping. I let it go for a day and realized the limp wasn’t going away. I took him to Dr. Slovin and immediately she figured out the problem. After his adjustment , NO MORE LIMPING! Any time any of my kids have a fall, the first place I`ll bring them is to Dr. Slovin.”
Marie G.

*“I used to have terrible tension headaches. It was typical to have a headache 3-4 times a week. Anytime stress was a factor, my head hurt worse than the stress did. Dr. Slovin changed all that. I hardly ever get a headache anymore. If I do, I come in for a check up and by the end of the visit, the headache is gone. Dr. Slovin is incredible!”
Charlene G.

*“Before I began to see Dr. Slovin, I had constant pain in my lower back as well as my neck. It caused radiating pain into my right elbow and both hips. I also had frequent headaches. Now, I feel great. All of the radiating pain has gone. Chiropracitc treatment has allowed me to work out/exercise without pain. When I had headaches, it was very difficult to be productive at work. My digestion has also improved. I feel great!”
Helene M.

*“I have suffered with headaches for a long time. For the last year I have been taking daily medication, preventative and pain killers. Since I started adjustments from Dr. Slovin, I can sometimes go a month without a headache, whereas before, I had one every day. I can’t believe the difference! I highly recommend chiropractic care if you have headaches... it worked for me!”
Luz S.

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