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Slovin Chiropractic Center is headed by Drs. Erik Slovin and Brenda Slovin, who have dedicated their lives to creating a healthier society by providing them with natural solutions for a range of medical issues. Our highly trained team of professionals can help you out in a number of issues.

We are Drs. Brenda and Erik Slovin, two chiropractic doctors, dedicated to creating a healthier society. We focus on providing natural solutions to chronic headache and neck pain. We firmly believe that people who suffer with chronic headaches, migraine headaches and neck and shoulder pain deserve an end to their pain quickly without using toxic drugs or having to undergo unreliable surgeries. We are recognized leaders in the chiropractic field. We offer access to practical, cost-effective health strategies which provide our patients and clients with improved health for themselves and their families.


Meet the Team

Dr. Brenda Slovin

Dr. Brenda Slovin

Board Certified Chiropractor / Migraine specialists

Dr. Brenda Slovin is a board certified Norwalk chiropractor. She has had specialized training in treating those who have suffered car accidents, on the job injuries, headaches, neck pain, whiplash, shoulder pain, arm pain, lower back pain, leg pain, numbness and tingling, muscle spasms, disc injuries and pinched nerves. Dr. Slovin graduated from the prestigious Life University in Atlanta, Georgia and has completed her post doctoral work at Harvard University. She has been helping patients regain their health and live their lives without pain since 2001. She uses the most modern and effective chiropractic treatments available with old-fashioned attention to your body’s specific needs. She is dedicated to helping you get back to your life quickly.

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Dr. Slovin has advanced training in treating migraines and chronic headache conditions. To receive a special migraine report and get answers to your migraine headache questions, click here to Learn more.

Dr. Erik Slovin

Dr. Erik Slovin

Board certified Chiropractor / Auto accident specialists

Dr. Erik Slovin is a board certified Norwalk chiropractor. Dr. Slovin began his chiropractic education when he was only 20 years old, working as an intern in a local chiropractic office. He know then chiropractic would be his life’s work.

Today’s Doctor of Chiropractic must complete a minimum of eight years of highly specialized college training. In addition, he completed his post doctoral work at Harvard University. Dr. Erik attached this goal with determination. He distinguished himself academically and impressed his professors with his skills and precision.

Dr. Slovin’s list of extended studies in the field of chiropractic was completed under the guidance of giants in the profession. He has been tutored in Reontgenology by Dr. Fox and his treatment techniques were guided by the teachings of Dr. Gonstead and Dr. Thompson as well as Drs. Alex and Doug Cox. The names of his mentors read like a Chiropractic Who’s Who.

Dr. Slovin has advanced training in nutrition. There are scientific ways to determine if you are lacking vitamins and minerals as well as to know if what you are already taking is really helping you. Schedule a free consultation now to determine if your vitamins are doing their job.


Dr. Slovin, I want to thank you for the past few months and the excellent care you have provided me. You have made something as easy as standing at the sink doing dishes a less painful task. Your overall knowledge of medicine has been extremely helpful beyond the regular adjustments. When there is something wrong with my body, I now automatically equate it to a certain nerve. Just a different… Read more “”

Nicole D.

My lower back used to be a constant source of pain, despite numerous treatments with other chiropractors. Dr. Slovin has made a noticeable improvement and now my mobility is enhanced, and my pain is gone. Thanks!

Adam B.

I went to Dr. Slovin with upper and lower back pain. After taking x-rays, he showed me that my spine had shifted. I started Seeing him three times weekly to correct my spine. My back was feeling better within a few visits. Now after seven months, I go to see him once a month. I can now lift and do without pain, even my golf game improved! I highly recommend… Read more “”


When I came here I was in very bad shape. I could only walk a few steps without a cane. Ever since Dr. Slovin started treating me I am able to walk at least a half mile without a cane and have almost no pain. Thanks to Dr. Slovin, I can now resume a normal life. I tell everyone and anyone that if they ever need help, the Slovin’s office… Read more “”

Lillian H.

Migraines ruined my life for years. I didn’t go out, I didn’t socialize well, I almost lost my job because of the amount of sick days I took! Even with my medication, they were unbearable. Until I met Dr. Slovin… Now I can do anything! It’s been 2 months since I started care, and haven’t had a migraine since! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Amanda B.

I had a good experience with them I will recommend you guys to come they will take care of you. Good customer service, clean area they care about your health my cousin told me about them and now I had the chance to see how good they are come on fam they’re fun you’ll love it

Nerlande Duperval

Dr. Brenda Slovin is nothing short of a miracle worker! I have several fused vertebrae and a neck that defies description. Dr Brenda has relieved my pain and made a huge difference in the way I feel on a day to day basis. She is a wonderful, caring doctor who tackles each situation with grace, tenacity and humor. A huge thank you to Dr. Brenda and Slovin Chiropractic center for… Read more “”

Diane DelVecchio

Since I was 13 years old I had severe back pains. I was not able to get out of bed as a child… I saw many back specialists and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I am now 18 years old and am preparing to go to the University of Hawaii to play Division 1 beach volleyball. In September I went to another orthopedic surgeon because… Read more “”

Maia Hannemann

When I came to the clinic I was in a lot of pain, neck pain, knees pain, bad headache, shoulders pain since day one, only visiting 3 times a week, I have been getting better and better, now I have zero pain, I can go to the gym, play soccer, smiling, sleep very well without any pain. I refer everyone to visit doctor Slovin if you have any pain, or… Read more “”

Kendy Alcide