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Stress Causing Pain? 3 Things Your Doctor CAN’T Do

Stress makes everything—especially pain—worse. Unfortunately, medical science and a doctor’s skill can only take you so far. We can show you the water, but it’s up to you to drink. How Stress Impacts Health Stress increases brain activity, making your nervous system more sensitive, and tightens the brain’s blood vessels....

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Get Off Your Butt!

Get Off Your Butt! Think about it. You sit for everything: • Driving • Working • Eating • Watching a movie • Waiting for appointments • Going to the bathroom Sitting is the new addiction. Choosing to be more active sounds simple, but that doesn’t translate to easy. Science Daily...

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“The Silent Epidemic”

People all over the world have spent months indoors, and the more time you spend inside, the likelihood of obtaining a healthy amount of sunlight exposure, and the vitamin produced as a result -- vitamin D3 -- continues to decline. Why does this matter? [Watch video HERE] Vitamin D deficiency has...

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