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What is the Gonstead Adjustment for Pain

Every chiropractic case that comes into my office presents with a unique combination of challenges. The Gonstead technique helps trained chiropractors identify all the core structural issues in the spine and design a plan to restore them for excellent results. 

The Basic Concepts of a Gonstead Adjustment

Think of your body as a building.  If it’s built and maintained correctly, there are no or very few structural problems; however, the structure could destabilize at the top and crumble if something is wrong in the foundation. 

The foundation in the human body is the pelvis, which supports the hips, spinal column, and legs. When the hips, lower back vertebrae, and legs are aligned, there’s good stability and balance; however, the pelvis and vertebrae can tilt or rotate, leading to misaligned spinal bones, often placing pressure on the spongy discs that separate the vertebrae.  This can lead to multiple problems with balance and pain. 

When the foundation is uneven, misaligned, or out of balance, several problems can occur, including:

·         Motion disturbances

·         Nerve pain or dysfunction

·         Severe neck or back pain

These are core issues considered and treated by Gonstead chiropractors.  This kind of adjustment takes a whole-body approach and identifies all the slipped or misaligned discs in the spinal column, not just one or two you think might be the problem.  

How the Gonstead Technique Works

A thorough evaluation by a Gonstead chiropractor would include several processes, such as:

·         Full spine X-rays to get a look at the structure.

·         Palpation of the spine to identify abnormalities like lumps or bumps and buzzing, burbling, or beating sounds. 

·         Examination of spinal range of motion, posture, and gait. 

·         Dr. Slovin will also look for obvious signs of inflammation around the joints using a special heat-detecting instrument called a “Nervoscope”.

The measurements obtained in the physical and diagnostic exam help Dr. Slovin apply the appropriate amount of force in specific locations on your pelvis, back or neck.  Specificity is the key to a successful Gonstead adjustment. 

Why Gonstead Chiropractors are Different

With a Gonstead approach, your chiropractor hones in on the problem’s origins and corrects it with laser-like focus. 

Gonstead chiropractors take a biomechanical analytical approach to treatment for some of life’s most common pain problems.  Using in-depth, sophisticated techniques to discover and investigate pelvic, neurological, and spinal issues, Slovin Chiropractic Center in Norwalk is a place where you can get safe, affordable, and effective treatment for pelvic, back and neck pain without drugs or surgery. 

Most chiropractors consider themselves hands-on providers; however, a Gonstead practitioner takes that concept to a whole new level by specifying and purposefully analyzing the spine, your movement, your neurological function, and your overall health.  When you’re ready to get back to a life in motion, schedule an appointment with Dr. Slovin and discover the benefits of the Gonstead approach for yourself!


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