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Balance Problems? How a Gonstead Chiropractor Can Help

Balance Problems?  How a Gonstead Chiropractor Can Help

Do you get the sense the world is spinning around you?  Balance problems are common in a chiropractor’s clinic because they’re usually associated with pelvic or spinal misalignment. Poor alignment can disrupt the messages your brain receives from the eyes, inner ears, joints, and nervous system, leading to symptoms like headaches, vertigo, and brain fog.  

Causes of Balance Problems

Several things could cause dizziness or vertigo, but the most common are inner ear inflammation and a poorly aligned pelvis.  However, some other reasons behind the balance problems could be:

·         Infection

·         High or low blood pressure

·         Stress

·         Motion sickness

·         Subluxation—irritation or swelling affecting spinal nerves as the result of vertebral misalignment

While balance problems are not life-threatening, they can be dangerous if you’re operating machinery or if you fall and bang your head; therefore, it’s something you’ll want to address sooner rather than later.  As Gonstead chiropractors in Norwalk, we can help treat this common problem.

How a Gonstead Chiropractor Treats Balance Problems

Loss of balance can also be related to painful conditions like chronic headaches or migraines, brain fog, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, and a host of other debilitating problems.  When you’re experiencing imbalance and dizziness, the body isn’t functioning at full potential. The role of a Gonstead chiropractor is to re-establish the connections to your internal messaging system by restoring proper function to spinal joints.

Here’s what that looks like:

·         I’ll take a thorough medical history and discuss areas of pain in the neck, back, and extremities. 

·         We’ll talk about adjustments or chiropractic treatments you’ve had in or outside of Norwalk in the past.

·         We’ll also talk about your diet and lifestyle.  Food is a huge factor in your health and well-being.  Intolerance to certain ingredients can lead to inflammation, so we’ll talk about how you can test for and treat food sensitivity and intolerance.

·         I’ll physically examine your spine to find abnormalities like swelling, a shift or curvature that shouldn’t be there, redness, warmth, etc.  The issues are more likely to be in the lower back and pelvis or the neck with balance problems. 

·         Once I identify those problem areas, I go to work readjusting and aligning those bones and joints.

What to Expect

Everyone is different, so there’s no way to know how long it’ll take to fix the balance problems you’ve been experiencing.  However, you won’t walk away feeling worse or confused. We have a high standard of communication and education at Slovin Chiropractic Center because it’s just as crucial for you to understand the problem as it is for me to understand it.

If you’re ready to tackle those balance problems like dizziness or frequent falls, we’re here to help. Don’t let it get so bad you can’t enjoy your life or safely perform daily activities.  Take the first step to balancing your world again. 


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